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2024 (2)

Recalibrating Goals for 2024
Sometimes life comes at you fast, and it’s probably a good idea to recalibrate.
Goals for 2024
What do I want to achieve in 2024?

2023 (1)

2023: No Goals
OK, so it’s “no *public* goals”, sorry for the clickbait.

2022 (2)

2022: The Year of Habits in Review
How’d this year’s theme go?
2022: The Year of Habits
Shifting away from specific goals to a more meta—and hopefully sustainable—approach: yearly themes.

2021 (1)

Goals for 2021 in Review
Half a dozen years later, another wrap-up.

2020 (2)

Goals for 2021
Early again, some aspirations for 2021.
Goals for 2020 in Review
The longest year in recorded history (so far) is coming to an end. How’d I do?

2019 (4)

Goals for 2020
Ahead of the curve this time, a look forward at what I'm hoping to accomplish professionally in 2020.
Goals for 2019 in Review
2019 is just about done—let's wrap it up.
Goals for 2019
About as late as last year, here is my next set of professional goals.
Goals for 2018 in Review
How did my goals for 2018 go?

2018 (2)

Goals for 2018
Here we are again, with a bit of a twist.
Goals for 2017 in Review
Time for another look back, this time at 2017.

2017 (2)

Goals for 2017
This worked well for last year, so lets try it again.
Goals for 2016 in Review
Let's talk about some things I set out to accomplish in 2016.

2016 (1)

Goals for 2016
Some things I'd like to do better in 2016.

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