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Friday, December 20, 2019
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Goals for 2020

Ahead of the curve this time, a look forward at what I'm hoping to accomplish professionally in 2020.

I've been publishing professional goals and review for four years now, and 2020 shall be no different.

1. Make PyBeach Happen

A reprise of the only 2018 goal, this time for realsies! Check out for details!

2. Migrate My Projects

I have a few projects out in the wild and most of them need to be updated and migrated. I already wrote about how I plan on doing it and got started, and should be able to complete it all by the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

3. Actually Start a Newsletter

This will probably come as a surprise to the vast majority reading this, but I actually have a newsletter. Well, I have something you can sign up for—joining the eight fine individuals who already have—but I've never sent one, ever. Hey, at least you can't reasonably accuse me of spamming.

Anyway, I'd like to get this thing off the ground this year. Now that I'm writing more in general, the reflext to compile content for it should come fairly easily. The aforementioned site rewrite might bring along a bit of tooling to help as well.

4. Complete a Hardware Project

I've built a fair bit of software at this point. A lot of it is dead (for various definitions of "dead"), much of it was for work (and thus proprietary), and I've got some living projects out in the wild. My GitHub profile has some of the open source highlights and is constantly growing. But it has nothing about hardware whatsoever, predictably.

I've gotten some CircuitPython goodies from Adafruit the last two PyCons, and they've been a lot of fun right from the start. I've had a number of ideas of varying degrees of silliness, but haven't followed through on any. 2020 is the year I build a thing—may the good FSM help us all…

5. Explore a New Sphere Within Software

In the past I've fairly explicitly defined what I wanted to learn:

For 2020 I want to be less specific, largely because nothing comes to mind as a particular to-do item. Sure, I could pick up one of the previous misses—except touch typing, which getting an ErgoDox EZ earlier this year solved—but where's the fun in that? I'd rather do something fresh and exciting instead.

Perhaps this year I'll spend some time looking at this whole machine learning thing. Or maybe I'll end up becoming a cloud expert (likely thanks to work). Or I might finally spend more than five minutes with Rust, turning me into a low-level programmer out of nowhere. Or I may write a native mobile app. The world Software is my oyster.

In Conclusion

2020 is going to be a great year.


I wrote up review of how things went.

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