Nik Kantar


I often have ideas, a few of them are great, and even fewer end up getting my time and effort. The most notable open source ones are here.


mdut is a tool for generating Markdown URL tags.


sus is a ridiculously simple URL shortener that works by generating a static site with http meta redirects.


Autohook is a simple, self-contained Git hook manager consisting of a small shell script and a naming convention that drives its functionality.


Parsenvy is a type-aware environment parsing library. It allows you to read an environment variable and automagically cast it to the desired type.


Starminder is a service that reminds you of repositories you’ve starred on GitHub. You pick a day (or daily), time, and number of repositories, and Starminder sends you an email with a randomized list. is a very small tribute to my favorite PEP: PEP 20.


Keysort is a helper library for sorting lists of dictionaries by key value.


GHT.vim is a Vim plugin for easy loading of issue and pull request templates in a buffer. This allows you to fill out said template in your favorite editor (read: Vim) and copy/paste it into the GitHub form.