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Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Goals for 2017 in Review

Time for another look back, this time at 2017.

A year ago I set a few goals, much like the year before, and now it's time to review my results, also much like the year before.

Let's again begin with a scorecard:

  1. really learn to touch type: ✗
  2. write every week: ✗
  3. learn a new programming paradigm: ✗
  4. up my Python game: ✓
  5. release one project each month: ✗

Score: 1/5

1. Really Learn to Touch Type: ✗

I'd say I'm significantly better at typing, but I didn't invest the kind of concerted effort I intended, so no dice. I'd wager that at this point I'm close enough not to fret over it too much.

2. Write Every Week: ✗

This most definitely didn't happen. I did better than in 2016, but mostly in the first few months of the year. I'm not really a blogger per se, so trying to force it results in quality below what I'd like for this particular platform.

3. Learn a New Programming Paradigm: ✗

Analysis paralysis was the biggest challenge here. I had spent so much time deciding between Elixir, Elm, and React that I ended up with nothing. On the plus side, I did toy around with all three a little bit, and it looks like in 2018 I'll get to do some of it at work, so all is not lost.

4. Up My Python Game: ✓

The one victory for 2016 was my understanding of Python. It's hard to put into words, but I feel much more in tune with the language philosophically. I'm not quite sure how much (more) expertise I have, but I feel like I understand what "pythonic" means far better than before, and that was the goal.

5. Release One Project Each Month: ✗

This was going reasonably well for a few months, but faded in the second half of the year.

Here's the list of released projects, in order of appearance:

All in all, I'm actually pretty happy with the results, as Autohook, Send Otter Love, Parsenvy, and Starminder have all been successes in their own ways:

I'll give myself partial credit for this one.

Now What?

One (and a half) out of five is, uhh, definitely not great.

That said, 2017 was a big year for me personally, with my priorities and rhythm shifting throughout the year, so I'm OK with it. Additionally, the successful projects have far surpassed anything I've ever accomplished before on my own, which is a huge win.

In a few days I'll write up my thoughts for 2018. This time I plan on doing something different.

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