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Saturday, January 6, 2024
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Goals for 2024

What do I want to achieve in 2024?

For years I came up with some goals for the year, wrote about them here, did rather little to actually accomplish them, and then wrote about how it all went. Then in 2022 I tried thinking about things in terms of habits instead, and last year I was quite secretive about everything. Another post will recap that last part, but for now I want to focus on 2024.

I have four main goals in mind for this year:

  1. launch my project management tool
  2. launch my email checker
  3. standardize my portfolio
  4. organize PyBeach 2024
  5. get good at the cycling thing

1. Launch My Project Management Tool

While “OctoRows” is extremely unlikely to be my project management tool’s final name, I’m very much intent on launching it in some shape. It’s been the main thing I’ve worked on lately whenever I’ve had the bandwidth, and will hopefully soon be usable in its simplest form.

Exactly what “launching” it means is still up in the air, however. I’m not sure I want the burden possibly resulting from open sourcing it, and I’m not sure I want the responsibility of having other users, either.

What’s most likely is that I’ll build it, start using it, and write about it. Then, if there’s some genuine interest, I may make it available to others in some fashion.

2. Launch My Email Checker

The email checker I’ve started and restarted a number of times in the past 15 or so months is still something I want to launch. I had grand ideas of charging a bit of money for it, but that may or may not end up being the case. This I do want to make publicly available.

3. Standardize My Portfolio

I have a slowly growing collection of software I (attempt to) maintain. Most of the projects are Python based, but they don’t really share any standardized tooling around them.

Some use Poetry and some Pipenv. Some use SemVer and others CalVer. Some have tests, types, and docstrings, but probably not all. The READMEs vary in structure and content. It’s a mess.

Inspired by somewhat related writings by Simon Willison and Hynek Schlawack, I’d like to bring some more sensibility to all this.

4. Organize PyBeach 2024

PyBeach 2020 was a resounding success, and it would be awesome to have a second event. It’s hard for me to truly promise it’s going to happen, as I worry I won’t have the bandwith required, but I’ll give an honest try.

5. Get Good at the Cycling Thing

I’ve always felt like I can’t really do group rides because my fitness isn’t great so I climb slowly and not very high, and I’d like to change that this year. So far I’ve started the year strong, and hopefully that will continue.

Happy 2024!~

sunset at Dockweiler Beach

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