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Nik Kantar

Sunday, December 27, 2020
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Goals for 2020 in Review

The longest year in recorded history (so far) is coming to an end. How’d I do?

The all-too-infamous 2020 is wrapping up. Potentially unfounded optimism about 2021 aside, now feels like a good time to take a look back and see how the 2020 goals went.

As always, let’s begin with the scorecard:

  1. Make PyBeach Happen: ✓
  2. Migrate My Projects: ✓
  3. Actually Start a Newsletter: ✗
  4. Complete a Hardware Project: ✗
  5. Explore a New Sphere Within Software: ✗

Score: 2/5

1. Make PyBeach Happen: ✓

PyBeach 2020 happened. It was great. The talks were all stellar. The speakers were all fabulous. The organizers and volunteers were all made of love. The sponsors made it all possible. We would be having a 2021 edition were it not for the, uhh, you know. We’ll be back when that’s a reasonable thing to do. <3

2. Migrate My Projects: ✓

I essentially accomplished what I wanted here:

3. Actually Start a Newsletter: ✗

Nope. I didn’t produce nearly enough content to warrant one. I even removed the navigation link and page for it.

4. Complete a Hardware Project: ✗

Nope, though I did start one and make some headway! It’s on ice for the time being.

5. Explore a New Sphere Within Software: ✗

I’m inclined to nope this one as well, but I might’ve earned partial credit. While I don’t think of myself as a cloud expert, I learned a lot more than I expected about AWS, Terraform, and cloud in general.

Now What?

Two (and a half) out of five is OK with me. Sure, it could’ve been better, but it also very easily could’ve been worse. Given that these annual goals are often at least somewhat impulsive, this is fine.

I’ll be posting 2021 goals shortly.

Happy holidays!

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