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2023 (3)

Nik’s Issue Tracker
I’m building myself an issue tracker and would like to try documenting the process a little bit.
Self-Hosting: Resolved?
I tried hosting my own stuff and failed.
Garage Detector
Every time I mount my bicycle on the roof rack on my car, I risk demolishing it on the way back home. I think I have an idea for the solution.

2022 (5)

Self-Hosting Follow-Up
I started going back down the self-hosting path and learned some things.
Getting Back into Self-Hosting
It’s 2022 and self-hosting stuff is cool again.
The Mix Has Died
Before even launching the publicly available version of, I’m shelving the project.
Reversioning mdut
I goofed up the CalVer implementation because I had the dumbs, and now I’ve fixed it. Oops.
Introducing mdut
I made a tiny tool for generating Markdown URL tags and want to tell you about it.

2021 (3)

Starminder v2
Starminder is relaunching with notable changes.
Project Directions
Some of my projects are languishing and need rethinking.
Introducing Parsenvy
I made an environment variable parsing library for Python, and forgot to tell you all about it!

2020 (2)

Introducing Autohook
I made a little Git hook manager and some people even use it!
Introducing sus
I made a URL shortener with a static site generator.

2019 (1)

Simple Is Funner than Complex
I think I've figured out why I've been having such a hard time starting to migrate my projects to the cloud.

2017 (3)

Introducing Starminder
I got tired of forgetting all about my 400+ starred GitHub projects and made a reminder app.
An Otter Valentine's Day
A friend and I made and you should use it to send someone otterable otters today.
Introducing VimFeed
I made a Vim planet!

2014 (1)

Introducing Metronome
I made a silly game.

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