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Sunday, August 22, 2021
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Starminder v2

Starminder is relaunching with notable changes.

TL;DR: The current version of Starminder is going away on 9/30/2021—check the repo for the new hotness.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a bit about the future of some of my projects. Today, Starminder is ready enough for its transition to begin. ⭐

What It’s Been

Starminder has been a web app through which users could log in with their GitHub account and set a schedule on which they would receive an email containing a few of their starred projects, as a reminder.

Here’s one such email:

Example Starminder email

Its raison d’etre is that I found myself having starred hundreds of projects—effectively turning my stars into a graveyard of thoughts like “I should look into this more”—and I wanted to prune them occasionally. A few other people found some reasons to sign up as well.

But I haven’t cared enough to maintain the web app, and I don’t like the idea of holding onto people’s API tokens through a publicly available piece of software with rapidly declining security, so it had to go.

What It’s Becoming

Starminder shall continue to live, but in a very different shape.

See, the valuable part of the project was never the web app—that was merely a mechanism for configuration. The valuable part are the emails. And email sending can be triggered in a lot of other ways. Like, for example, via cron.

So, Starminder is now becoming a script triggered via GitHub Actions. It will require forking and a bit of setup, and will allow me to avoid having to worry about any substantial infrastructure. It will also allow me to sidestep holding onto anyone else’s API tokens, which is great.

The repo has setup instructions. The web app will go away on Thursday, 30 September, 2021. Happy forking. 🍴

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