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Tuesday, February 8, 2022
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The Mix Has Died

Before even launching the publicly available version of, I’m shelving the project.

As New Year’s Eve 2021 came in the midst of the pre-vax part of the pandemic, I didn’t exactly have any wild plans. As such, I got a little tipsy, fried and ate something like two pounds of bacon, and built the current version of The Mix Never Dies. It is a blog-like website generated daily from a script that pulls in my Spotify “Liked Songs”.

Since then, I thought it would be cool to have this script actually generate and synchronize a playlist in my account, so that I could share it easily, since that isn’t possible at the moment. And I thought it would also be cool to have it be a web app available to other people as well.

So I built the vast majority of all that, and this v2 is now probably a weekend of concerted effort away from being fully launchable. But I’m not going to finish it.

Because fuck Spotify.

It’s always been a platform hostile to musicians, commoditizing their work and reimbursing them in peanuts at best, but its continued doubling down on backing content that spreads misinformation is too much even for my admittedly lazy self. I have no business expanding its reach in any way.

It’s a huge bummer on the personal front, as I’ve actually invested quite a bit of effort into this whole thing, but such is life.

I’m going to archive the repo and think about what else I could do with the domain. I’m a little partial to it since it’s the very first domain I ever registered, way back in 2005 or so.

Remember: your time, energy, and money have impact. Spend them wisely.

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