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2023 (4)

Muscle Memory Is Wild
Sometimes your mind and body learn to do things without conscious effort so well it’s downright weird.
Masking Is Inclusivity
As time goes by and we all get increasingly tired of masking to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we should be mindful of whom we leave behind by reverting to “normalcy”.
Just a Camera
I’m going to try using my actual camera for (more) things after mostly letting it languish for four and a half years.
Invisible Moments
Many things influencing us throughout our lives go unnoticed.

2021 (4)

There’s a limit to how much we can handle.
“Growing apart and losing touch is human and healthy”
DHH wrote something poignant in 2018 and here it is.
Moved back.
Introducing Lucy
I adopted a cat last year, and she’s the best.

2020 (2)

Black Lives Matter: Venice Beach and Santa Monica
Painted boards from Venice Beach and Santa Monica on the morning of June 8th, 2020
DogTown CrossFit Blog — Member Feature: Me!
I lost a buttload of weight and got a cool shoutout on my gym's blog, and it's hard not to brag.

2019 (1)

Write More
Write more.

2017 (2)

Crush Cancer 2017
Donate to cancer research and watch me do a grueling workout.
Programmer, Developer, Engineer, Lexicographer
What am I even supposed to call myself these days?

2015 (1)

Moving on.

2014 (2)

Eight Days without Blue Brother
Brief reflection on a few days without Facebook.
Deactivating Facebook
I deactivated my Facebook account and thought I should write about it.

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