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2023 (2)

North Bay Python 2023: The Afterfeels
North Bay Python is back in business and I’ve got things to tell you about it.
See You at North Bay Python 2023
I’m going to North Bay Python 2023 and hope to see you there.

2020 (1)

PyBeach 2020 Tickets Are on Sale!
You should attend!

2019 (2)

I'm Speaking at PyOhio 2019!
Look, I'm just bragging…
See You at PyCon 2019
PyCon 2019 is here and so are we.

2018 (6)

PyCon 2019 Reminder
I'm going to PyCon 2019 and hope to see you there.
North Bay Python 2018: Talks
I attended my favorite regional Python conference for the second time, saw some amazing talks, and wanted to tell you about them.
PyBay 2018: Talks
I went to PyBay 2018 and enjoyed some talks. Here they are.
PyBay 2018: See You There!
I'm going to PyBay 2018 and hope to see you there.
PyCon 2018: The Afterfeels
I went to PyCon (again) and it was amazing (again).
Announcing PyBeach
A new Python conference is coming to town.

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