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Wednesday, June 12, 2019
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I'm Speaking at PyOhio 2019!

Look, I'm just bragging…

My talk submission got accepted at PyOhio 2019, woohoo!

PyOhio 2019

OK, now that I've taken a deep breath, I should probably tell you it's the one I gave at Write the Docs LA in October and SoCal Python in February. I'll revise and expand it a bit to fill the time slot better, but it'll essentially be the same content.

I'm obviously v. excited because of course I am. Also, I now have a speaker bio and talk page.

This edition will be recorded, which is great, since the slides themselves aren't as fun to peruse, and I occasionally want to share this with someone.

If you plan on being at PyOhio, let me know!

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