Nik Kantar

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2017 (3)

My New Vim Statusline
I realized my statusline was still bloated, so I trimmed it even more.
Introducing VimFeed
I made a Vim planet!
My Vim Statusline
I don't use Airline or anything fancy, but my statusline still tells me everything I need to know.

2016 (3)

Introducing GHT.vim
I wrote a Vim plugin to help with GitHub's issue and pull request templates.
I Took the Vim Plunge and I Love It!
I started using Vim full-time a month ago and it's been great. Here are some thoughts on the transition and a few plugins that have made it fantastic.
YouCompleteMe Compilation with Little RAM Solvable with Swap
I ran into a compilation issue on my small DigitalOcean droplet and solved it with some good ol' swap.

2015 (1)

Vim + Spacegray + OS X = A Champagne Color Problem
I'd like to use the Spacegray theme for Vim on OS X, but other things look a bit wonky.

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