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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Vim + Spacegray + OS X = A Champagne Color Problem

I'd like to use the Spacegray theme for Vim on OS X, but other things look a bit wonky.

I've always liked Vim.

It was my first "cool" text editor in college, when I was exploring Linux and learning Java. I switched away from it at some point to GUI-based editors (EditPlus on Windows; TextWrangler, TextMate, and Sublime Text on OS X), but have wanted to try it again (but seriously this time) for the last year or so. A fee weeks ago, I decided I'd do it after my wedding, and that's what brought me to this problem.

I purposefully didn't set up Sublime on my personal machine this time around to disallow myself the crutch it would provide, and I set about customizing Neovim little by little. After setting up a very basic .nvimrc, I found myself installing Spacegray.vim and the complementary Terminal theme.

Now I have a great looking Neovim, but Irssi, which I use extensively, looks rather iffy.

Neovim in the Spacegray Terminal theme

Irssi in the Spacegray Terminal theme

For reference, here they are in the Pro Terminal theme, which is one of the default OS X themes:

Neovim in the Pro Terminal theme

Irssi in the Pro Terminal theem

I'll probably have to tweak the Irssi theme to compensate for the lack of contrast between the various types of output — woe is me…

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