Nik Kantar



My primary tool is Python, and since I mostly write web applications, I use a fair bit of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well. As far as other languages go, I also know useful amounts of SQL, Bash, and PHP.

Within those languages I’m familiar with a number of frameworks, most extensively Django and to some extent Flask. I’ve also worked with Bootstrap, jQuery, Backbone, Marionette, WordPress, Zend Framework, and CodeIgniter in the past.

Other tools I consider vital to my workflow include Vim, Git, macOS, Linux, and Docker.

My non-Python technical interests currently converge around Elixir, Erlang, and Elm.


Senior Engineer at SimpleLegal [6/15–7/17]

Software Developer at BLITZ Digital Studios [6/13–5/15]

Frontend Engineer at Triptrotting [4/12–11/12]