Nik Kantar


Current status: not looking.


My favorite language is Python, and I'd like to get back to using it as my primary tool. I've mostly used it to write web applications and am pretty familiar with Django and Flask, as well as a variety of other packages powering the Python ecosystem.

In addition to Python, I've been effective with TypeScript (and thus JavaScript) lately and PHP some years back. I've done my share of HTML and CSS as well. Rounding out the major components of my toolchain are Bash and SQL, as well as general tools such as Git and the UNIX command-line.

Somewhere in my distant past lie Bootstrap, jQuery, Backbone, Marionette, WordPress, Zend Framework, and CodeIgniter.


Lead Software Engineer, sweetgreen, 2/19–present

Senior Software Engineer, friendbuy, 9/17–2/19

Senior Engineer, SimpleLegal, 6/15–7/17

Software Developer, BLITZ Digital Studios, 6/13–5/15

Frontend Engineer, Triptrotting, 4/12–11/12



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