Nik Kantar

2017 (5)

An Otter Valentine's Day
An friend and I made and you should use it to send someone otterable otters today.
Introducing VimFeed
I made a Vim planet!
My Vim Statusline
I don't use Airline or anything fancy, but my statusline still tells me everything I need to know.
Goals for 2017
This worked well for last year, so lets try it again.
Goals for 2016 in Review
Let's talk about some things I set out to accomplish in 2016.

2016 (6)

SSH Agent on macOS Sierra 10.12.2
How to make ssh-agent remember passphrases on macOS Sierra 10.12.2.
Introducing GHT.vim
I wrote a Vim plugin to help with GitHub's issue and pull request templates.
I Took the Vim Plunge and I Love It!
I started using Vim full-time a month ago and it's been great. Here are some thoughts on the transition and a few plugins that have made it fantastic.
Instagram to Abandon Chronological Feed
Instagram has announced a switch to alogorithmic feed ordering instead of the current chronological one, and I think it'll prove a problem for myself and many others.
YouCompleteMe Compilation with Little RAM Solvable with Swap
I ran into a compilation issue on my small DigitalOcean droplet and solved it with some good ol' swap.
Goals for 2016
Some things I'd like to do better in 2016.

2015 (11)

Vim + Spacegray + OS X = A Champagne Color Problem
I'd like to use the Spacegray theme for Vim on OS X, but other things look a bit wonky.
The Big Day
The title is a pretty serious understatement.
A Few Podcast Reviews
I've been listening to some great podcasts and would like to promote them.
Why and for Whom I Write
Thoughts on why I write here and who the intended audience is.
Free Project/Startup Ideas
I'd like to use these things but don't have the time to build them. Do you?
A new face for, and a slightly different approach.
Moving on.
Drupal Is a Nightmare and Done Is Better than Perfect
Sometimes you have to take your pride in doing things well and distract it while you do something badly. This was one of those times.
Programmer Interrupted
Why interrupting a programmer is even more costly than you think, illustrated by Jason Heeris.
Web Development on a Chromebook — Not for Me
I tried migrating to a Chromebook and didn't like it.
New Mac Order
Quick thoughts on Apple's fancy new MacBook.

2014 (8)

Eight Days without Blue Brother
Brief reflection on a few days without Facebook.
Sorting with Randomization
Sorting with pure chance, with some elementary stats.
Deactivating Facebook
I deactivated my Facebook account and thought I should write about it.
Introducing Metronome
I made a silly game.
Free Isn't Free
We live in a world built on software that's given away for free, and we should support it.
September to Remember
Quick thoughts on the iPhone 6/6+ and Apple Watch.
How Not to Recruit a Developer
An irritated dissection of an unappealing recruiter email.
Choosing Jekyll
Why I chose a static site generator in a sea of fancy dynamic solutions.