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2023 (1)

Adafruit Circuit Playground Express as an “On Air” Light
I made myself a super rudimentary on-air light from a gizmo I got in my PyCon US 2019 swag bag, and here’s how you can do it too.

2020 (1)

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5 Tips for Winning at Code Comments

2019 (2)

Keynotes to Watch
I think everyone should watch these two keynotes, but especially those of us working in tech.
Supporting Windows
It's neither ethical nor smart to ignore about half of all Python users.

2018 (2)

North Bay Python 2018: Talks
I attended my favorite regional Python conference for the second time, saw some amazing talks, and wanted to tell you about them.
PyBay 2018: Talks
I went to PyBay 2018 and enjoyed some talks. Here they are.

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