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2023 (5)

Adafruit Circuit Playground Express as an “On Air” Light
I made myself a super rudimentary on-air light from a gizmo I got in my PyCon US 2019 swag bag, and here’s how you can do it too.
TIL About shlex.split
Today I learned about shlex.split and it’s really cool.
Boolean Properties in Python: A Pitfall
I love using class properties as boolean flags, but occasionally forget the @property decorator.
Getting Nothing Out of a Python Dictionary
A bit of nuance about dealing with null and missing values in Python dictionaries.
Dedupe a List in Python, Slowly
A pretty slow way of removing duplicate elements in a Python list.

2022 (2)

Reversioning mdut
I goofed up the CalVer implementation because I had the dumbs, and now I’ve fixed it. Oops.
Introducing mdut
I made a tiny tool for generating Markdown URL tags and want to tell you about it.

2021 (5)

Quick and Dirty Python: HOWTO
Let’s build up small Python script.
Quick and Dirty Python
Something I absolutely love about Python is just how well it scales from tiny scripts to complex systems. Here’s an example of the former.
Introducing Parsenvy
I made an environment variable parsing library for Python, and forgot to tell you all about it!
Django Site Dispatch, Improved
Turns out I like this problem so much I had to solve it again.
Django Site Dispatch
Django’s “sites” framework is quite cool, but what if you need to make some exceptions?

2020 (2)

Python’s dict.setdefault Rocks
Python’s dictionaries are awesome, and I just learned about yet another reason that’s the case.
Introducing sus
I made a URL shortener with a static site generator.

2017 (2)

Modifying a List in Place in Python
A neat (if questionably legible) trick for modifying a list in place in Python, and a more Pythonic solution for the same problem.
Introducing Starminder
I got tired of forgetting all about my 400+ starred GitHub projects and made a reminder app.

2014 (1)

Sorting with Randomization
Sorting with pure chance, with some elementary stats.

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