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Nik Kantar

Saturday, February 27, 2021
1 min read

Newsletter, Again

It didn’t take me all that long to come back around to this, did it?

Mike Crittenden recently wrote:

“There’s no law that says a blog post needs more than one idea or more than one sentence.”

Good point!

For me—and I suspect many others—this is actually a much broader issue. I spend a lot of time holding myself back from doing many things (e.g., starting a newsletter) because I’m so obsessed with starting them in whatever shape I want them to be in years down the line.

Which is silly, because it turns me into a planner—not a doer. And I even like to quote Voltaire:

“Dans ses écrits, un sage Italien
Dit que le mieux est l’ennemi du bien.”

(In his writings, a wise Italian
says that the best is the enemy of the good)

Anyway, this is a mildly grandiose announcement that I’m going to try and send out some actual newsletters. Yes, I know I tried that before. Cut me some slack—it’s been a year. And go here to subscribe.

Re-inspiration courtesy of Hynek’s interesting approach.

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