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Thursday, July 23, 2015
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Why and for Whom I Write

Thoughts on why I write here and who the intended audience is.

Recently I published some project ideas and posted the link on Facebook. Most commenters seem to have had trouble seeing the site (I'm guessing web font issues, but haven't had time to check yet), but Jay asked me who the intended audience is.

As I didn't reboot this site with a particular target audience in mind, I didn't really know how to respond, but have thought about it on and off since.

I Like Writing

This is the crux of it.

Growing up I always enjoyed writing, first in Serbian and later in English, and I like to think I've always been pretty good.

In my first year of high school, a notoriously demanding Serbian professor had only myself and one other student read our pieces out aloud in front of a 35-student class. A year later, during my first semester in a US high school, my English teacher gave me an A on a big term paper in spite of my complete failure to follow the required Schaffer paragraph format (a requirement I admittedly missed only accidentally, what with being new to the school, country, and full-time use of the language itself).

At UCSD, as my commitment to my Computer Science and Engineering education dwindled, I took several writing classes and seriously pondered switching my major to Literature/Writing. I would've gone through with it had I not decided to pause everything and take an aptitude test first.

I've had a number of blogs in the past twelve years, none really worth reading before this one (which may or may not be). The only goal I had this time around was to strive for quality over quantity, in hopes that said quality would make me feel like it's valuable and motivate me to keep writing. So far it seems to be working…

Who Are You

This I don't really know.

I'm currently not tracking visits at all, which I should probably change. Since I haven't promoted the site much, I doubt there are (m)any regular visitors who stop by (if that's wrong, let me know!), but now I'm kinda' curious. Who are you all?!

I've mostly written about technology so far, with a relative focus on development. Given that I write code for a living and like it, that's probably not terribly surprising, and will quite likely continue. However, I would like to write more about other things, too, and will make a conscious effort to do so.

With all that in mind…I still don't really know who my intended audience is. And since this isn't some sort of commercial effort, that's probably OK.

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