Nik Kantar

Thursday, June 11, 2015


A new face for, and a slightly different approach.

Along with this post I launched a new version of

The backend is — thankfully — the same ol' Jekyll + GitHub Pages, but the frontend is new and shiny. It's a lot cleaner and more minimal than the previous iteration, but there's nothing groundbreaking to celebrate there.

There are, however, a few minor things to note.

For one, I switched to a one-typeface method, so everything you see is now set in Fira Sans (or should be, at least). I looked around quite a bit and kept coming back to this one, so here we are.

I also switched to using just orange (#ff7300) as the accent color, omitting violet (#9900ea), yellow (#ffe600), and red (#ea0000), at least for the time being.

Another new thing is that there are drastically fewer pages — gone are Résumé and Contact, and About and Colophon have been combined into one. I think all this makes a lot more sense given the site's content and audience.

The most significant thing, perhaps, is that I plan on updating the site more often. In the past I've mostly thought of it as having major versions, in spite of originally intending to treat it as an ongoing project — the commit history doesn't lie… Ideally, I'd like to make minor non-content updates on an ongoing basis, as I see things I can improve (or haven't considered). I'm sure major overhauls will still happen, but hopefully not too often.

Let's see how this goes!

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